the simbol of town is Catedral of St. Jakov, masterpiece created by Juraj Dalmatinac. The building is under protection from UNESCO. Catedral is protected for her kultural and historical heritage. Made by stone blocks, Catedral was finished in 16 st, and was built more then 100 years. Juraj, who lived oposite the church was never able to finish her. His project was finally done by Nikola Firentinac.

Pay attention on 70 head sculptures located on the Catedral, who are belived to be from time of construction. He made them eternal. Inside the church, there is a place for baptism ceremony.

Opposite the Catedral is the Town Hall. About 10 m further are 4 wells, who are used in dry season. There is a bar called „Bunari“ (wells) for a good night out.

 We recomend you, just take your camera and loose yourself in small city streets, who are full of churches, old buildings, monuments...

You can also visit the St. Mihovil fortress who is recently renovated. Its only one of 4 fortress in town. On the way there, stop and relax in the garden of St. Lovro Monastry. There is a bar on the site of Monastry.

If you are adventures tipe of person, try bungee jumping. Local people are organising jumps from Šibenik bridge from 01. July until 01. September (every day 10 – 20 h, Sunday 10 – 14 h.)