+ Skradin
Distance 30km

situated on the river Krka banks, town is known for its traditional Dalmatian klapa mettings. Exept the NP Krka near by, town of Skradin have 2000 old history. Town is famous for its amazing gastro experience. Nature around Skradin is rich in fish, shelves, because of mixture of fresh and salty water. Local people are traditionaly focused on fishing.

+ Šibenik
Distance 14km

the simbol of town is Catedral of St. Jakov, masterpiece created by Juraj Dalmatinac. The building is under protection from UNESCO. Catedral is protected for her kultural and historical heritage. Made by stone blocks, Catedral was finished in 16 st, and was built more then 100 years. Juraj, who lived oposite the church was never able to finish her. His project was finally done by Nikola Firentinac.